Air Dried Vegetables /Dehydrated Vegetables Powder China

Specializing in plant based air dried ingredients & custom blending for more than 25 years, we provide efficient service & finest products to food manufacturers,importers,wholesaler globally,have devoted ourselves to create value for clients.Our product range includes:dehydrated vegetables,air dried vegetables powder,dehydrated fruits & spices in China,applying in food & petfood industries.In these lines,we are experienced & professional,since many years ago we have been built own planting bases.
Our core competitive products are:AD dehydrated pumpkin,AD apple,AD carrot,AD spicy bell pepper(green,red),AD cabbage,AD g/w leek,AD garlic,etc.
We are processing 2020 crop goods,as follows:
  • air dried carrot flake
  • air dried sweet potato dice
  • air dried pumpkin flake
  • air dried pumpkin powder
  • air dried carrot cross cuts
  • air dried carrot flake,2nd grade
  • air dried chili whole
  • air dried G/w leek
  • air dried red beet flake
  • air dried G/w cabbage
  • air dried spinach powder
  • air dried red bell pepper
  • air dried green bell pepper
  • air dried tomato