Dehydrated Garlic Market

Dehydrated Garlic Market – Introduction

Being a ubiquitous spice across the world, garlic makes a crucial ingredient in the customary and contemporary food recipes to enhance their flavors. Increasing trends of consuming frozen foods and promising growth witnessed by the canned food industry, there has been a visible demand for food ingredients with long life shelf and abundant availability. As a result, dehydrated garlic is gradually besetting the popularity of fresh garlic, which has a relatively short shelf life, seasonal availability, and fluctuating prices. This has shifted the attention of food manufacturers and consumers towards dehydrated garlic, given its ease of storage and transportation.

Dehydrated garlic is finding extensive application in snack foods, stuffing mixes, meat products, gravies, soups, salsa sauce, gourmet sauces, fast foods, and as seasoning in the food and beverage industry, on the back of its strong flavor and retained nutritional values from the raw garlic. With food and industry undergoing innovation at a consistent pace and this spice being a flavor stimulating ingredient, the global dehydrated garlic market is likely to secure lucrative growth opportunities in the forthcoming years.

Asia Pacific to Remain an Affluent Region for the Growth of the Dehydrated Garlic Market

Asia Pacific makes a lucrative region for the growth of the dehydrated garlic market, on the back of large raw garlic producing capabilities of China and India. These countries enjoy a high concentration of manufacturers developing dehydrated garlic and chasing innovation in their products, in order to sustain their position in this domain. As a result, the dehydrated garlic market in the Asia Pacific region is predicted to remain an prosperous region, followed by North America and Europe.

Commercial Benefits of Dehydrated Garlic Over Fresh Garlic to Bolster Sales Prospects

Garlic has always been seen as a medicinal food, which helps in maintaining circulatory health, controlling diabetes, preventing skin diseases and fat control. As a result, increasing health consciousness among consumers is expected to bolster the demand for garlic. However, the limitations of fresh garlic over dehydrated garlic such as tedious peeling/chopping and short life span are expected to favor the growth of the global dehydrated garlic market.

Dehydrated garlic is available in various forms such as granules, flakes, powdered, chopped, and minced, which further makes it easier to use. Busy lifestyle of consumers is responsible for creating a notable rise in the demand for ready-to-eat products and dehydrated garlic being used in a plethora of recipes is anticipated to bolster growth prospects of this ingredient. Analyzing a host of these factors, the global dehydrated garlic market is estimated to evolve as a high-value market.

Dehydrated Garlic Market – Form

Depending on the form, the global dehydrated garlic market is divided into:

  • Garlic granules
  • Garlic flakes
  • Garlic powder
  • Chopped
  • Minced