Plant-based ingredients with exceptional value,written by Karina Marsilje

Sustainable, nutritionally rich and excellent value – what’s not to like about plant-based co-products?

Circular use raw materials

With the world population continuing to grow and our planet increasingly under stress from climate change, the circular use of raw materials is of crucial importance. This means maximum use of raw materials and preventing waste. Collecting co-products and processing them into sustainable high-quality ingredients for the pet food industry does exactly that.

Sustainable sourcing and production

Plant-based co-products released during the production of food for human consumption are particularly interesting from both a sustainability and nutritional point of view. Collecting and using co-products from the processing of potatoes, sugar beet, chicory roots, vegetables and fruit means the crops are optimally used and nothing is wasted.

Furthermore, if – as is preferable – residual heat and green electricity are used, the processing of the wet incoming materials can be climate-neutral.

The end product is a variety of sustainable plant-based ingredients and blends for the pet food industry ideal for use in dog and cat food, small animal food and horse feed.

Nutritional value

Nutritionally, plant-based ingredients add value to pet food in various ways. Potato ingredients are gluten-free and very suitable for use in grain-free pet food. Beet pulp contains soluble and insoluble fibres which have a positive effect on bowel function. Beet pulp is unique due to the very low molasses content and chicory products contain inulin, a nutrient with positive effects on intestinal health. Inulin is a soluble fibre and has a prebiotic effect in the colon.

Fruit and vegetables have many nutritional benefits in pet food. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals trace elements and fibres. Carrots, broccoli, parsnips and green beans contain plenty of vitamin A, B, C and E. Just as humans, pets need vitamins in their food to grow, develop healthily and to boost their immune system. Vitamin E and C are also powerful antioxidants.

Minerals and trace elements are essential in pet food because they are vital for, among other things, good bone growth and strength, good skin and nice fur and to help provide oxygen to organs and muscles. Fibre is a necessary part of pet food to promote general digestive health.

Vegetable blends

Duynie Ingredients supplies all of these plant-based ingredients, certified GMP+, and has developed a vegetable blend also, which offers the advantages to pet food manufacturers of reducing product handling and saving on storage space.

A vegetable blend is a unique combination  of vegetables, suitable in different recipes. An example is a blend of carrot, green bean, parsnip, chicory root fibre and apple fibre.

Combining profit and sustainability

With stable properties and of consistently high quality, these sustainable plant-based ingredients are increasingly finding their way into the market.

The unique advantage of plant-based ingredients from co-products is that they deliver food-grade quality, but at a better price, so offer exceptional value for pet food manufacturers. Furthermore, they contribute to pet food producers’ ambitions to achieve sustainable sourcing of raw materials.