Who We Are

Leading provider of plant based nutritions,equipped with advanced facilities,maintaining excellent relationships with major food companies in the world. Our commiment for each client & staff is to make the best foods for living best life.


Specializing in plant based ingredients & custom blending for more than 25 years, we provide efficient service & finest products to food manufacturers,importers,wholesalers globally,devoted ourselves to create value for clients.Our product range includes:dehydrated vegetables,dried fruits,spices,mushrooms etc. In these lines,we are experienced & professional,since many years ago we have been built own planting bases,subordinate enterprises are scattered in Jiangsu,Shandong,Gansu,Shanxi,Ningxia,Guangxi,Yunnan,inner Mongolia,mostly equipped with advanced facilities.

Innovation & sustainability are two important aspects in our company,we have been always dedicated to make our products tastier, healthier, more environmentally-friendly.

Application areas of our ingredients including:

Baby foods,Baking,Convenience foods,Noodles,Soups,Snack foods,Drinks,Meat products,Dog foods,Cat foods,Bird foods,Rodent foods,Animal feeds,Confectionery etc.