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Jinhua Natural Foods Co Ltd
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We work hard for your success,please let us know how we could be of service to you,we will respond very soon.


    Yes,at this stage,we can supply below organic products:carrot,dehydrated pumpkin,carrot,potato,sweet potato,tomato,red bell pepper,green bell pepper,red beetroot,garlic,goji berry.
    Through our product list,you will see we have a wide range of products,as soon as we know you detailed requirements,will quote you best prices immediately.
    Normally 1MT-2MT for each item is required,we can combine several items in one container.
    The quality and safety of our products is our top priority,we strictly implement HACPP& ISO9001,our quality management begins from planting to shipping.On the other hand,you can rely on our sample,it always represent real quality.
    Our professional teams will repsond every mail/message/call within 1 working day,each question will be answered one by one,honest is our best policy,we ensure our staffs to think from the perspective of clients,keeping pre-sales and after-sales services at the same level.
    Dehydrated pumpkin, carrot,bell pepper,apple,potato.With various varieties,in flakes,dices,powder,peeled or unpeeled,etc,please send us your query directly.
    Normally 20days.If you need goods urgently,we will do utmost to meet your special demands.
    Yes,we can provide small packaging & blending products according to client’s customization.
    Yes,100% from China.
    Sometimes your prices might not be the lowest,your qualities are very good.
    At this stage,we dont have distributors,if interested,we could develop markets together.
    12 months. Yes,long term contract is workable,we can store contracted goods for you free of charge,and make partial shipment as scheduled, the period could be one year.