Our raw materials are well selected,washed, heat sterilized,free from additives,keep the original taste as fresh vegetables,very nutritious,easy to add to food & pet foods recipes.

Dehydrated red onion flakes

Dehydrated red bell pepper flakes

Dehydrated shallot 3x3mm

Dehydrated zucchini

Dehydrated yellow onion flakes

Dehydrated white onion flakes

Dehydrated white cabbage flakes

Dehydrated tomato flakes

Dehydrated sweet potato dices

Dehydrated spinach flakes

Dehydrated red beet flakes 10x10x10mm

Dehydrated red beet flakes 10x10x3mm

Dehydrated purple sweet potato granules

Dehydrated purple sweet potato dices 10x10mm

Dehydrated pumpkin flakes,Butternut squash

Dehydrated pumpkin dices,Curcurbita Maxima

Dehydrated potato flakes Atalantic

Dehydrated potato flakes

Dehydrated paprika Sch red

Dehydrated leek green white 10x10mm

Dehydrated leek green white 6x6mm

Dehydrated Jalapeno Red,Mexican pepper

Dehydrated Jalapeno Green,Mexican pepper

Dehydrated green white cabbage flakes

Dehydrated green bell pepper flakes

Dehydrated ginger slices

Dehydrated garlic granules 16-26mesh

Dehydrated garlic granules 8-12mesh

Dehydrated garlic flakes with stem

Dehydrated garlic flakes without stem

FD pea whole

Dehydrated dry ginger whole

Dehydrated dry ginger granules

Dehydrated chive flakes 5x5mm

Dehydrated chive flake green 5mm

Dehydrated chilli flakes

Dehydrated chilli cuts 6-8mm

Dehydrated chilli cuts 2-3mm

Dehydrated chili,whole

Dehydrated celery stem

Dehydrated celery leaves

Dehydrated cauliflower chopped

Dehydrated cauliflower

Dehydrated carrot strips

Dehydrated carrot flakes petfood grade

Dehydrated carrot flakes first grade 10x10x3mm

Dehydrated carrot flakes 2nd grade

Dehydrated carrot cross cuts

Dehydrated cabbage green flakes

Dehydrated broccoli floret