Dehydrated broccoli floret

JNF dehydrated broccoli are washed,cut,boiled,heat dehydrated,selected,sieved,packed in strong corrugated cartons,inner with double poly bags.
Sizes available:floret,flore & stalk,powder etc.

Broccoli,scientific name: Brassica oleracea L.var.italic Planch.
It originated in Italy on the Mediterranean coast of Europe and was introduced to China at the end of the 19th century.Broccoli cultivation area in China is about 1 million mu, mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Yunnan, Hubei, Hebei Bashang, Gansu Lanzhou and other places. Zhejiang Province accounts for about 1/4 of the planting area.
The nutrients in broccoli are not only high in content, but also very comprehensive, mainly including protein, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, vitamin C and carotene. According to analysis, each 100 grams of fresh broccoli flower ball contains 3.5 grams to 4.5 grams of protein, which is 3 times that of cauliflower and 4 times that of tomato. In addition, the mineral composition of broccoli is more comprehensive than other vegetables, and the contents of calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese are very rich, which is much higher than of cauliflower which belongs to the cruciferous family.

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