Dehydrated celery powder

JNF dehydrated celeries are root removed,washed,air dried,sorted,sieved,metal detected,packed in strong corrugated cartons,inner with double poly bags.
Sizes available:stems,leaves flakes,granules,powders,etc.

Celery scientific name: Apium graveolens L.
Celery, an umbelliferous plant with a wide variety, has a long history of planting and a large area of planting in China. It is one of the vegetables that Chinese people often eat. It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, carotene, B vitamins, Calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, etc., at the same time, with Pinggan Qingre, phlegm and dampness, remove irritability, cool blood to stop bleeding, detoxification Xuanfei, Jianwei Lixue, clear bowel, lungs and cough, lower blood pressure, Brain sedative effect.

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Category: Spices


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