Dehydrated tomato powder

JNF dehydrated tomatoes are stems removed,washed,sterilized,cut,air dried,sorted,sieved,metal detected,packed in strong corrugated cartons,inner with double poly bags.
Sizes available: half,flakes,granules,powder etc.

Tomato scientific name: Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.Contains “lycopene”, originated from South America,is widely planted in the north of China. It has the function of inhibiting bacteria; it contains malic acid, citric acid and sugar, which can help digestion. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and have a variety of functions called the fruits of the magical dishes. Organic acids such as malic acid and citric acid in tomatoes also increase the acidity of gastric juice, help digestion, and regulate gastrointestinal function. Tomatoes contain fruit acids, which lower cholesterol levels and are beneficial for hyperlipidemia. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and carotene and various elements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and iodine. They also contain protein, sugar, organic acids and cellulose.

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Category: Spices


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