Dehydrated boletus edulis

JNF dehydrated Boletus edulis are wild,washed,cut,air dried,sorted,trimmed,sieved,packed in strong corrugated cartons,inner with poly bag.
Sizes & grades available:slices, A,A2,B,B2,C,D,SP

Boletus edulis distributed in Yunnan,Henan, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Fujian and other regions. It is an excellent wild edible fungi. The flesh is thick, soft and delicious. It is not currently possible to cultivate fruiting.
Boletus edulis grows in the mountainous area of 600-1500m, is a high-temperature type fungus, and the hyphal growth temperature is 23-28 °C, generally growing in high-altitude coniferous forest from July to September. In the mixed forest of broad-leaved forest, the mycelial growth requires scattered light, that is, the place where the seven yin and the three yang are in the early stage of the drought in July and August,there were many mushrooms and large growth in the years.
Boletus edulis is not only nutritious, but the most important thing is that the taste is very delicious after cooking. It is a delicious food other than meat. It is a truly delicious dish. If you stir-fry it, the taste of the dish will be smooth and delicious. When you use it to make soup,it will be fragrant,tasty and smooth, make the perfect taste, rich nutrition and medicinal value into one dish.
Fresh boletus edulis nutrient content:Heat: 253.00 kcal,Protein: 27.80 g,Fat: 1.60 g,Carbohydrate: 53.30g,Dietary fiber: 21.50 g,Vitamin A: 18.00 micrograms,Carotene: 108.00 micrograms,Thiamine: 0.32 mg.Riboflavin: 1.72 mg,Niacic acid: 43.08 mg,Vitamin E: 4.42 mg,Calcium: 2.00 mg,Phosphorus: 528.00 mg,Sodium: 9.10 mg,Magnesium: 47.00 mg,Iron: 9.20 mg,Zinc: 5.80 mg,Selenium: 758.80 micrograms,Copper: 1.19 mg,Manganese: 3.88 mg,Potassium: 1571.00 mg,Vitamin B6: 0.06 mg,Folic acid: 124.40 micrograms

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